Selling a home has its ups and downs. It’s exciting to move forward and start fresh in a new place, but leaving behind what you’ve known can bring up a lot of emotions. To sell your home, it’s necessary to make changes so that  buyers can imagine themselves livingin THEIR new home.   From the day that you decided to sell your home – it’s no longer YOUR HOME

It’s essential to emotionally detaching from your Home to sell It

Think of your home as a product

Selling a home is the same as selling any other product. It needs to be appealing to the target market otherwise, buyers will move on to a competitor that does appeal to them. Making changes such as neutralizing colours and decluttering  is not a personal commentary on your decorating. It’s simply a marketing strategy to broaden the home’s appeal. When you start looking at your home as a product that needs to attract the widest number of buyers possible, it becomes a lot easier to make decisions like taking down family photos and removing personalised décor.

Keep in mind all that you have to gain

Staging your home helps you sell it faster and for more money. The faster you sell your home, the sooner you can move on to the next chapter in your life and get past the inconvenience of having your home on the market. And of course, who doesn’t want to get top dollar for it? When the emotions start to creep in about making changes and packing things away, remind yourself what you have to gain by doing so. Think about moving into your new home and all the money you’ll have in the bank.